Dr. Aakash Ganju

CEO & Co-Founder

“In many ways, our parents consume healthcare the same way our grandparents did. At Avegen, we continually strive to change that experience for our children, by balancing technology and touch innovations that will create truly transformative solutions for the future. We believe such solutions require a curious mix of patience and urgency, and the wisdom to know when to apply which! Avegen brings the same philosophy to Almata, our Global Public Health division, where we work with like-minded partners to solve large scale public health challenges”

Aakash worked for 12 years in roles of increasing seniority at Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, leading large R&D teams across Asia Pacific. He also worked on developing mobile health solutions catering to underserved populations in the emerging markets, focused on India and Africa.

For the last 8 years, Aakash has been involved with the use of technology to help doctors deliver superior care to patient communities. He has led multi-partner consortia to develop and deploy health technology platforms serving patients in the HIV and women’s health domains. Most recently, Aakash has been actively involved with the mMitra mobile program, that is poised to reach over 1 million mothers in Greater Mumbai and New Delhi slums over 2017.

At Avegen, Aakash focuses most on building a team of diverse, passionate entrepreneurs who hope to shape some of our future healthcare experiences.

Almata/ Avegen is his 4 th startup. Aakash also co-founded Mirai Health (an Avegen company). His first two startups, his two boys, Siddhant and Samin, teach him entrepreneurship and life lessons daily.


M.B.B.S: Mumbai University
MD: Mumbai University