Dr Sumiti Saharan

Research Lead

“I thrive on thinking through conceptual challenges and applying myself towards developing and executing effective solutions that address those challenges. Almata offers a remarkable platform to partner with firms ranging from research institutes to non-profit organizations and build public health solutions that truly have a visible impact. To have the opportunity and access to such a platform that can drive improvement in public health is an unpassable opportunity and a privilege, and I look forward towards applying my scientific training in the context of public health solutions.”

Sumiti is a neuroscientist with near fifteen years of experience in scientific thinking and research. She graduated from St. Xavier’s College with Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences, followed by Masters in Neuroscience by research from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and a doctorate from Queensland Brain Institute, University in Queensland, Australia. She then joined National Brain Research Centre where she actively handled multiple research projects in capacity of Research Scientist. Her research work centered on gaining insight into and developing clinically applicable diagnostic biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease. She has enjoyed a prolific scientific career with several peer-reviewed research publications and a number of awards and fellowships to her name. Sumiti is driven by her passion for applying herself towards addressing grand challenges in public healthcare and achieving real-world public impact through innovative solutions.

In a parallel avatar, Sumiti is a self-taught digital designer with a core competency in effective, impactful and lucid visual communication. She has actively freelanced within the educational and the healthcare sector as a web and digital media designer.

Sumiti enjoys nature walks and often indulges her weekends with a mountain trek. When not in the mountains, she fills her free time taking on new learning projects.