Tanvi Joshi

Marketing Manager

“If there is no scoop, there is no story and stories are instrumental in changing one’s behaviour, especially in healthcare. Public health needs good storytelling for people at the ground level to relate to a problem, understand it better and apply it in their day to day activities. Working on this philosophy, it is my sole mission to communicate relevant information to healthcare consumers by understanding what works for them.”

Tanvi is responsible for developing, implementing and executing stategic marketing plan in order to attract relevant customers and retain existing ones. A Boston University alumnus, Tanvi has a degree in Public Health and specialises in Global Health - community assessment, program design, implementaion and evalaution. With her previous work experience at The New England Journal of Medicine as a Market Research Specialist, Tanvi was able to further pursue marketing and procure a professional degree from Harvard University. During her time at BU, Tanvi worked on short-term projects as a Research Consultant for the School of Field Studies, Kenya and for Swasti, Healthcare Resource Center at Bengaluru, India.

Her tasks at Almata include leading customer insights and market research, brand management and corporate identity, promotions, messaging and communication to uncover viability of products/services.

Tanvi is also the editor of Connected Health Quarterly and is passionate about publishing original articles from thought-leaders and healthcare industry disrupters across the globe.